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Covering some 13,200 m2, Linz main square has been one of Europe’s largest enclosed squares since the 13th century. The centrepiece is the 20-metre high Holy Trinity column. Stroll around the square and admire the imposing facades of buildings that can tell stories going back centuries.

The main square and the lanes leading off it form Linz city centre. The bustling centre boasts impressive architecture, culinary highlights and a wide array of shops. Events of all kinds take place there all year round.

Neuer Dom - Mariendom

Linz’s “new cathedral”, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, is an architectural masterpiece. It is Austria’s largest church with room for around 20,000 people.

Join a guided tour and climb up to the inner gallery for fascinating views of the church’s interior from a height of 15 metres. Tours of the tower, with spectacular views over the city, are highly recommended.

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Ars Electronic Center

Not far from Hotel Wolfinger you’ll find the “Museum of the Future”. The AEC is regarded as the centre of the UNESCO City of Media Arts. As a visitor you will not only try out and explore pioneering technologies but will also be asked to cast a critical eye over them. The museum is a place of participation, research and discovery.

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Der Pöstlingberg

The Pöstlingbergbahn electric railway takes you up Linz’s very own mountain in comfort and from the main square itself. The observation platform gives you a panoramic view of the entire city and as far as the Alps. The pilgrimage church on the summit is the city’s landmark and well worth a visit.

The Grottenbahn railway takes you down to a world of dwarves, forest animals and fairy tales. In the basement you trundle across Linz as it was at the turn of the 20th century, with Hotel Wolfinger present and correct too! And don’t forget your handkerchief, because in Linz it is the custom to blow the noses of the dwarves on the Pöstlingberg. The Pöstlingbergbahn stops at Linz Zoo, so why not drop in for a visit?

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The old quarter (Altstadt) lies at the foot of Linz Castle and is notable for the stunning facades of its historic buildings. Cafés and bars invite you to chill after a stroll through the baroque lanes.


The Schlossmuseum in Linz is Austria’s largest universal museum. On some 18,000 m² of floor space it houses an extensive collection of historic exhibits from the natural world, culture and technological achievements of Upper Austria.

The Danube

Countryside in the heart of the city – enjoy, relax and celebrate on the banks of the Danube. A boat trip on the Danube, a detour to Alt-Urfahr beach, a picnic in the leafy Donaupark, a concert at the Brucknerhaus or a visit to the Mural Harbor – the river has something for everyone.

The Danube has a total length of 2,857 km, making it the second-largest and second-longest river in Europe. On its way to the Black Sea it flows through or borders ten countries – more than any other river in the world.

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Landstrasse in Linz is one of the most famous and highly frequented shopping streets in Austria. Starting from the main square, it stretches southward to the Musiktheater. The side streets are well worth a look too, with unique and trendy shops and cafés tucked away in them.

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